Work with Cecelia

Scientific Hand Analysis /Intuitive Session with Cecelia
This is a great opportunity to talk to Cecelia Dawe-Gillis in person and validate who you are at a soul level. Cecelia shares your Life School (what you are here to learn), your Life Lesson (the things that hold you back in life), and ultimately your Life Purpose (what you are here to do). Cecelia integrates her psychic skills to provide your comprehensive reading.

Gift Marking /Intuitive Session with Cecelia
Learn about your gift markings (line formations in your hands that reflect extra potential abilities). Cecelia focuses on the master and student paths of each gift marking. She helps you identify what it feels like to be on each path, so you can use your internal GPS to refocus and get back on the master path. During your intuitive session Cecelia shares her deep inner wisdom to help you along your path.

Quick Start Coaching

Cecelia helps you quickly get to the heart of what you need to do to move forward in life and business. Living your Life Purpose to the fullest is completely dependent on releasing old patterns of behavior. Cecelia’s loving and respectful approach allows you to address your issues, release them, and move forward using your natural gifts. You are about to experience a profound transformation!

PRIVATE VIP Day with Cecelia
Experience an unforgettable, life-changing laser coaching experience. Cecelia teaches you the ancient universal strategies to building abundance and happiness. You will leave with clarity, a concise implementation plan, a clear message to share with your clients, and an understanding of how to move forward consistently and effortlessly using your internal GPS.

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Coaches Circle

I help professional coaches by decoding their client’s fingerprints to get to the heart of what their clients need faster. Are you ready to “rock your coaching experience?” Do you want to get the most out of each coaching session? The Coaches Circle exists to compliment your coaching experience. Cecelia decodes fingerprints to unlock the …

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