March 25, 2015

Ask yourself these questions.

What do I do to set the tone for the day?
What do I do to get centered?
Do I take time to mediate, breathe deeply, clear my chakras, read an affirmation, sit quietly, read scripture, do yoga, or get out in nature?

It matters not what you do. What matters is that you DO something…and that you do it consistently. What is the ONE thing you CAN do? The kind of day you have is based, in part, on what you do at the start. When you start your day by getting centered, your day often goes well.
What kind of day do you have when you awaken and literally hit the ground running? Not, such a good day, eh? In most cases you hit a proverbial “brick wall” and your day turns to mush. This is often followed by drama and damage control.

So, what is not getting centered costing you in time, money, productivity and inner peace?

What would it mean to you if you were to take time, each day, every day, to get centered?

Experience this for yourself.

Look at the pros in getting centered and see what’s possible in your life when you set the tone for your day!