Learn to leverage the one thing that propels you to the next level, so you can live your Life Purpose!

“Cecelia explained to me in three minutes something I’d be struggling with in counseling for five years. I am so grateful for my sessions with Cecelia.”

– Kay

Feel Confident

Stop selling yourself short! As a Master Hand Analyst and certified coach, I can decode the rich information that resides in your hands and help you live your most fulfilling life on purpose. When you give yourself permission to ask for you want and receive with grace and ease, life gets better and better.
Live the life you were meant to live.

Feel Secure

Sometimes, you need to look beneath the surface and unpeel the layers so you can appreciate your unique way of showing up in the world. On this journey you learn how to deploy your gifts, create an 8-pillar success plan for your personal, emotional, and financial security, and develop strategies for handling the rough patches that show up along the way.

Feel Seen and Heard

Have you been hiding out? Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing? Or are you afraid if you speak up you will be criticized, put down or worse abandoned? Once you are armed your Life Purpose Blueprint you are poised to be visible, confidently speak up on your own behalf, and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Why Work With Palm Purpose?

Whether you are at a crossroads in life, looking for confirmation that you are on the right path or dealing with the dark night of the soul, know there is a guiding light.

It’s on the tips of your fingers and in the palm of your hands. If it’s in your life, it’s in your hands. It it’s in your hands, it’s in your life. Discover what’s in your hands today so you can confidently live the life of your dreams; without apology.

How Does It Work?
First, I need you to tell me a little about yourself. What are you currently grappling with? You provide this information by clicking any of the “Contact Me” buttons on this page and filling out the short form. I’ll then review your responses and get back to you as soon as I can. If I feel I am able to help, we will schedule a free discovery call to see if this is a good fit. If so, you can expect to receive your inking kit by mail. Once your prints are received, you are booked in for your initial and follow-on video call sessions . Prior to our first session, you can expect to receive your Life Purpose Blueprint which forms the basis for our work together. After each session you receive video and audio recordings along with supplemental materials to support you during our work together in the coming weeks and months.


fill out a short form by clicking the “contact me” button


If I feel I am able to help, we will schedule a free discovery call


You receive your Life Purpose Blueprint
How Much Does It Cost?

Well, let me ask you this…

What is the cost of remaining where you are right now? Consider what your life will be like if you don’t make a change. That is the real cost of not taking advantage of this opportunity. What is the worst part of staying where you are right now? What are you tolerating? Where are you hiding out? What feelings are you stuffing by not speaking up on your own behalf? Who are you allowing to tread on your turf? Contact me today. I look forward to meeting and serving you.
ABOUT Cecelia

I love helping women live the life they really want

It is my mission to help women live their Life Purpose. Twelve years ago I was a 5-year breast cancer survivor grappling with whether I was on the right path. What was my Life Purpose and was I living it? Along the way I discovered the system of Scientific Hand Analysis which changed my life forever. I am now living my life’s purpose, traveling the world, creating amazing programs and loving life.

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