December 2015

(And Make a Commitment to Finishing What You Start)

It’s time. It’s time to DO the very thing you’ve been putting off… How many times have you started a project or begun working on your book, web page content, a blog, or your bio, etc. that seems like – forever? You review it, you think about it, you revise it, and then you set it aside. Months later, it’s still sitting there; UNDONE.

But it’s more than that. What shows up in the disguise as wanting to get it right, having to get more information, concern about what other people will think, reluctance to put your work out there, or worse -anxiety about being criticized, is some level of FEAR.

FEAR is a choice. It’s based on the stories we tell ourselves. It’s entrenched in our inertia. While 1% of FEAR is real and true danger is real. The FEAR that stops many of us in our tracks is the very thing we need to do. And when we do it, we can exhale and embrace peace, calm, and the sense of accomplishment that follows.

What are you willing to commit to starting and finishing?