Cecelia Dawe-Gillis, RN, MS, MSN, CPC

Scientific Hand Analyst & International Coach

As founder of Palm Purpose, she created a dynamic coaching service devoted to empowering adults, parents & children.

Through the science of hand analysis Cecelia helps her clients discover what’s holding them back in their life and career. Your hands reveal your gifts. They also reveal the ‘penalties’ that arise in your life when your gifts are not implemented.

Using her extraordinary psychic and analytic abilities, this former Navy Captain gives people clarity about what is holding them back, so they can leverage their unique gifts and move forward again with new found optimism and profound purpose. Cecelia’s own divine gifts were discovered when she approached her 5th year as a breast cancer survivor and yearned to know her Life Purpose. She found herself at a crossroads in her life and the frustration of not knowing whether she was on the right path led her to having her hands read. During that reading, “I discovered my Life Purpose was being a spiritual teacher and counselor who is here to share deep wisdom and build communities with love and heart.”

On her spiritual journey, Cecelia discovered she has numerous ‘gift markings’ in her hands, which are representative of extra potential abilities. Intensely curious, she knew she had to learn the system of Scientific Hand Analysis. She understood the value of merging science and intuition from her career as a Navy nurse. In her former career, Cecelia read EKGs measuring the electrical energy in the heart. So she immersed herself in identifying the fingerprint patterns and line formations which represent the electrical energy in your hands.

Now as “Your Hand Analyst”, Cecelia shows you exactly how to live your life ON PURPOSE.

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