Cecelia is now a published author!

She is a featured author in a recently released collection of stories called “The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude.”


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Portsmouth, VA –December 20, 2012. THE GRATITUDE BOOK PROJECT: International Book Project Has More Than 300 People Sharing Their Stories of Gratitude, with National Book Sale Proceeds Benefitting Four Charitable Organizations

Portsmouth, Virginia – Cecelia Dawe-Gillis, Owner of Palm Purpose is a co-author in The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude, a collaborative book sold on and featuring over 300 authors answering the question “What are you grateful for?” in 200 words or less.

The book features pieces true stories of appreciation such as:

  • The soldier who skipped his nightly run—and saved his life
  • Th nervous excitement of entering a classroom for the first time as the teacher
  • The magic number tally of cars, kids and cats that make a marriage
  • The everyday front porch where everlasting love was found
  • The great vision and personal insights gained despite being blind
  • The treasured handwritten letters from grandparents to a frightened 18-year-old college freshman
  • The dad who laughs so hard when telling a joke he can’t get the punch line out

And 358 more stories of stopping to take say “thank you” to the good in life—and the “not so good” that makes us stronger.

Dawe-Gillis’s contribution to the book centers on “Life experiences inspired us to take action. For me it was surviving breast cancer and a post-operative hemorrhage. I realize God spared my life for a reason.”

Dawe-Gillis was completed to contribute to this project because she knows the joy and inner peace that come from living one’s life purpose. She knows the importance of good nutrition and a woman’s impact on her family, community and the world.

In keeping with the spirit of the project, proceeds from national book sales will be split among three charitable organizations: FeedingAmerica, the ASPCA and Women for Women International.

For more information about “The Gratitude Book Project,” contact the co-author Cecelia Dawe-Gillis with the contact information above or Donna Kozik, coordinator of the project, at or