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November 2018

Isn’t it a strange contradiction that the one designed to be the leader, the person of influence, or the one in power does everything they can to shy away from their natural inclination?

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Just Start…

December 2015
(And Make a Commitment to Finishing What You Start)
It’s time. It’s time to DO the very thing you’ve been putting off…

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Free to Be Authentically Me

June 1, 2015
Integrity and authenticity are themes that are ever present. We often think of this in terms of our relationship with others. And yet, sometimes we are out of integrity with ourselves and are anything but authentic.

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Listen to Your Gut

May 4, 2015
We have an internal guidance system. Some people call it intuition, a gut feeling, and others refer to it as the voice within – they just know.

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Get Centered

March 25, 2015
Ask yourself these questions:
What do I do to set the tone for the day?
What do I do to get centered?
Do I take time to mediate…

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