September 21, 2015

While listening to a renowned relationship coach a question came up. “When you go on a date, are you showing up as yourself, or are you sending your representative?”

In life – are you showing up on your own behalf or are you sending your representative? You know the representative that does not speak up. The one who sits on the sidelines because of not wanting to ruffle any feathers? Could it be when you get enough courage to say what you want, your words come out harsher than intended? Or do you go cokeepcalm_allaboutyoumpletely mute because of not having the right words? Are there times when you go along to get along even when it’s something you really don’t want to do? I often hear, “I went along with the group because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.” And all too often your feelings are the ones that get hurt…

What’s ironic is that you hurt you own feelings or worse end up “beating yourself up” for not by speaking up for yourself and then you retreat to your corner. You see, it’s all about you. When you show up on your own behalf, you are poised to be your more authentic self and are able to find the words to say what matters most to you. People know where you are coming from. And you feel good about showing up for yourself.

Remember, you are so worth it. And when you show up as you, you can truly be more available to yourself and to others. It’s time to embrace the authentic you, show up on your own behalf, and love you some you. Because, it’s all about you.