On the Right Path

I saw Cecelia conduct a hand analysis for a friend and it was very profound watching the experience. So much so, that I decided to have a Scientific Hand Analysis session with Cecelia. My session with Cecelia really helped me to understand that I am on the right path and that I can create a presence for others to be transformed.

Beth Sears, PhD.

Workplace Communication

Profited From Her Insightsdecorative-line-clipart-Line_25px

I was really impressed with Cecelia’s work and found her guidance extremely helpful in making strategic decisions for my business. I highly recommend her! It was a pleasure to work with her and profit from her insights.

Elizabeth Bull

Fine Art Turns

Awesome Palm Purpose Readingdecorative-line-clipart-Line_25px

Thank you Cecelia for an awesome Palm Purpose reading today! With your system, you quickly got to the core of my character and my purpose. You answered my questions without my even having to ask them. That’s POWERFUL! I also loved your explanation of the Master Path and the Student Path of my gift markings. It makes so much sense.

Jackie McClean

Owner, The Power Within Hypnotherapy

The Awesome Power of Confirmation!decorative-line-clipart-Line_25px

Last month I had the privilege to get my hands analyzed by Cecelia Dawe-Gillis. I knew that I was on the verge of a big up-leveling. I was right, of course, but had no idea as I was inking my hands how right-on my choice was to go through with the analysis at that moment. And it was ALL about confirmation.

Cecelia sent me the results the night before our consultation, and I barely slept all night because I was busy researching all the gift markings that were in my hands. It was like a fever! And it was all about confirmation.

The formula for my life purpose according to my handprints—from the fingerprints I was born with to the gift markings that can come and go—was this: “successful spiritual teacher, mentor, and coach in the spotlight.”

Elizabeth Locey, PhD.

Spiritual Business Mentor

decorative-line-clipart-Line_25pxMy Gift Reading with Cecelia was beyond amazing. There was so much confirmation, clarity and enlightenment about my purpose and the steps I should take to get to the next level. I’m using my Reading, not only to move my life forward, but my business as well. I’ve had my hands read before, but the difference with Cecelia is that she is patient, kind and extremely thorough. The session was very intimate and she read me like a book! She knows her stuff. If you want to know your purpose and thrive on purpose, I highly recommend you get a reading from Cecelia.

Molesey Crawford

Author, The Queen Code