July 28, 2015
Have you ever wondered how things got so out of control?

You’re competent and confident and yet there are areas in your life that are not as you’d like them to be. Somehow, you’ve allowed clutter to hold you back from living the life you say you really want to live.

When we think of clutter, we often think of physical clutter because it can be seen. However, clutter comes in many forms. There’s emotional clutter that’s invisible to the eye and yet it too must be dealt with because it keeps us from moving forward and creating our ideal life. For some, its money clutter. The bills pile up even when money is available to pay them. The person is often just too busy to take time to deal with day to day matters.

blog_image2So, what kind of clutter is holding you back? I raise this question because many of us are dealing with “clutter” of some type. This became clear during a recent mastermind. After sharing how I was handling my pockets of physical clutter – half of the participants wanted to know more. They asked me to share my decluttering tools. Remember, clutter is not always physical stuff. It may be the emotional baggage we carry. Sometimes, we are unaware we’re carrying this stuff around day-after-day, year-after year. Yet, clutter gets in our way. For some, its money clutter. No matter what form your clutter takes, it can be cleared if we are willing to deal with it. What is the clutter you need to clear to create and life the really you really want to live?

What would be possible in your life when you take steps to clearing the clutter that’s held you back? Held you back from doing all those amazing things you’ve wanted to do, to helping the people you know are waiting for you to show up in their lives, or to write that book you’ve been putting off because of what others may think? Just think of all the possibilities.

I welcome your comments. I’d especially love hearing from you if you’re ready to create the life you really want. Even if you can only take baby steps, know that it is possible deal with the physical, emotional, or money clutter that’s getting in the way of creating your ideal life.

Please share my blog with your colleagues, friends and family. It may be just what they need to hear to know they are not the only one dealing with these issues. Above all there is hope that they too can create and live the life they really want to live.

When we clear our clutter we create a space for the energy to flow freely.
When the energy flows freely we can breathe easier and create a space to live the life we want.