May 4, 2015

We have an internal guidance system. Some people call it intuition, a gut feeling, and others refer to it as the voice within – they just know.blog_image

Your intuition may show up as fleeting moments or “hits” where you have a sense of something. It really helps to pay attention to this inner knowing. Your inner knowing may show up as a feeling, a sound, a smell, or something you actually see or see in your mind’s eye. Other people have constant access to their inner guidance. This may be so much a part of them that they pay it little or no attention.

No matter how these messages come to you and through you, it is in your best interest to pay attention to them. They are meant to help you along your path. How many times have your said, “I knew that” and yet for some reason you paid little or no attention to that feeling?

Or, as one lady said to me during a session, I get messages from deep within and with a smirk on her face said, “I do the opposite”. She acknowledged that when she ignores her inner knowing, things turn out badly. My reply was, “What’s the payoff for not paying attention to your inner voice?” You see, you have your own internal Global Positioning System (GPS). It is meant to steer you in the right direction. When you are grounded, you are in a better position to truly receive these messages and more importantly act on them.